Why cockroaches are your home’s biggest menace

cockroach killer

Cockroaches contaminate food, spread infections and are difficult to kill. Only a good cockroach killer spray can get rid of them.

You’ve seen it before – hiding behind a table leg, its antennae sizing up the temperature of the room. It quickly darts behind furniture when it senses you approach. Cockroaches are a bane to have around the house, and they are tricky to kill too.

Why cockroaches should be banned entry into your home

Cockroaches are amongst the vilest pests in the house. They eat practically anything – nothing is off limits, as they feast on sewage and garbage as much as fresh food and drink. The problem does not end with cockroaches eating your food. Their legs have minute hairs that trap the food and germs that they were last in contact with. Thus, they transmit infectious germs and bacteria to your food and the surfaces in your home as they crawl around everywhere. Just like flies, cockroaches are known to cause disease by food and beverage contamination.

Why they are difficult to get rid of

You may hurl a shoe at a cockroach, but it will never get fully squashed. The cockroach has a tough exoskeleton and a super flat body structure. Both these facets help it evade damage even in high pressure. Since its body is not very thick, it can crawl into the narrowest gaps and holes and make a hiding place there.

Another problem is that cockroaches can survive for long periods without food and water. They are unlike other creatures in this respect, viz. a cockroach can still stay alive even if does not receive food for days. So cutting off its food supply may not deter it from leaving your home right away.

Why you need Mortein cockroach killer spray

You may have employed many means to get rid of cockroaches in your home, from poisoned bait to expensive pest control treatments. Did any of these remedies work? They won’t, because only a tough cockroach killer spray can kill the roaches running riot in your home.

  • The Mortein cockroach killer spray comes highly recommended for your fight against cockroaches. The spray has a rapid penetrative action – it cuts through the oils present on the cockroach’s body, and enters its system. Soon, the spray starts to dehydrate the cockroach, weakening its defences completely. It soon suffocates to death and you can dispose of the body in the trash.
  • Mortein cockroach killer spray can also be used on cockroach eggs and little babies. Once you determine where the roach has made its nest, you can spray the site liberally to nip the problem in the bud.
  • Meanwhile, you can spray the liquid under furniture, inside holes and gaps in the wall plaster, down the drains (this is the first point of entry into the house), etc. All lurking cockroaches are flushed out as they come out looking for air. Soon, they all perish and you can clean up the remains.

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