When I was little I wanted to be a surgeon …

When I was little I wanted to be a surgeon

Medicine, a vocation?

When I was little I wanted to become a surgeon … and archaeologist, flight attendant, architect and gymnastics champion. Oh childhood dreams …

I am often asked if medicine is a vocation . Well no ! (HANLALALALALA) because I hesitated for a long time between very different fields of activity: yes, I really dreamed of becoming an archaeologist, flight attendant, architect or sports champion. My parents, they had not forgotten that very small I said to want to be surgeon (nb: no, it does not say surgeon, but a surgeon woman! ). A far-fetched idea in a family where there is no doctor. (nb: this is also a question we are often asked).

But where does my interest for health come from?

I have always been curious to understand the extraordinary machine that is the human body . To see, to laugh, to sing, to run, to give life, to love … the human being is full options and still holds many mysteries. Scientific more than literary, loving to learn and especially wanting to take care of the other, I told myself that medicine could please me. And then it must be said, it was also the choice of the reason : to secure a job (we will always need doctors …) with an interesting salary. So choosing to study medicine is not necessarily by vocation but in my case it was a nice compromise.

Is vocation still a weight?

I really ask myself the question when I see the difficulty that bachelor students have to move towards higher education and the pitfalls sown on their course.

  1. Choose your Bac well or you may not have access to the training you want. # doncjesuissupposéesavoircequejeveuxfairecommeétudessuppérieuresdèslafindelaseconde
  2. APB: make your choice, knowing that if your first wish is accepted, you can not refuse! # fautpashésiter
  3. Enter PACES to confront you to 223450078000 … students (yes, you have the impression that they are very very many, and you’re right!) That do not all have the same objectives but no matter you are all competing.
  4. Make yourself evaluate on “by-heart” and logic to access the business of your dreams but without being evaluated on your qualities of empathy, listening, introspection … nor on your professional project . #tousdanslamemecase

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