The benefits of lemon water for health


Adding lemon to the water has several beneficial effects on health. Drinking lemon water in the morning is a great idea. Rich in vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants, lemon promotes digestion, helps to better assimilate iron and lowers LDL levels associated with “bad cholesterol”.

The benefits of lemon

Lemon water promotes better digestion

Stomach acid reduces the size of food so that nutrients are more easily assimilated by the body. As the production of these acids in the stomach decreases with age, the lemon acts as a supplement and thus promotes digestion. Since most people do not drink enough water, adding lemon helps to hydrate better. Know that dehydration leads to decreased energy and fatigue. Also, it helps the liver eliminate toxins. It is a stimulant of the liver because it helps it to produce more bile and thus better digest food.

Vitamin C improves uptake of non-heme iron

Lemons contain a lot of vitamin C. This vitamin leads to better absorption of non-heme iron because it makes this type of iron more soluble and therefore more easily assimilated by the body. Eggs, some vegetables, dried fruits, legumes and cereal products contain non-heme iron. To learn more, read the article  Iron, do you absorb enough? . Vitamin C also boosts the immune system.

The positive effect on the “bad” cholesterol

The presence of fiber and antioxidants would lower the level of LDL (bad cholesterol). According to one study, lemon oil and especially one of its components, gamma-terpinene, would slow the oxidation of LDL. This would lower the risk of atherosclerosis. Let’s mention that LDL are lipoproteins that carry cholesterol to the cells. When cells no longer need it, LDL, and thus cholesterol, accumulate in the arteries. For more information, see  The Truth About Cholesterol.

Flavonoids, another compound found in lemon, would lower the rate of cardiovascular disease. These flavonoids have antioxidant properties and thus protect us from the development of atherosclerosis and cancer by destroying free radicals, these molecules producing damage to our cells.

Other interesting effects!

Lemon water would help prevent the appearance of kidney stones. It is also a good source of potassium. Potassium promotes good nerve-muscle communication, transportation of nutrients and waste. So potassium is good for the brain. In addition, a disability causes, for example, depression, headaches and insomnia. Although it is acidic, lemon is an alkalizing food that contributes to the balance of blood pH.

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