Spirulina, the best of the bst feor shape

Spirulina, the best of the bst feor shape

If Popeye was here and he had to go back to sea in September, it’s not the spinach he would choose to be on top, but spirulina!
Already, because spinach is not particularly rich in iron, this is an idea or an urban legend if you prefer. But !aboe all we do not do better than spirulina, which is as we already mentioned on the blog , the most complete food on the planevt

choose-Spirulina-bioIf today, we are talking about Spirulina, it is precisely because the autumn 2016 is fast approaching, and that I decided to start with a spirulina cure to preserve all the energy stored during summer and also to prepare autumn … and winter.

So what is spirulina? What is this new invention?

Well, in fact, spirulina is all that’s natural, since it is a microalga that has been around for more than 3 billion years and is named after its “spiral” shape. Spirulina is consumed for a long time, it is found in the food of the Aztecs. In the 40s and 50s researchers began to take scientific interest in it and confirmed its exceptional qualities: cocktail of nutrients of excellence, it contains all minerals and zinc, selenium, iron, copper. Easily assimilated it also contains at least 60% of high quality protein, where soy contains only 35%. Add to that antioxidant virtues and immune system stimulation and you have the most powerful food of all.

Who is spirulina for?

For everyone ! Seniors, children, sportsmen .. After 2 weeks of consumption, you will see results on your physical condition, psychic and your metabolism

Choose your spirulina

Spirulina has been on the rise for several years, so that a trade has developed and appeared several forms and quality of spirulina on the market. Some manufacturers play on its concentration in the final product, others.

In short, as usual we can only advise you to choose BIOLOGICAL! Guarantee of quality, organic spirulina will bring you all its benefits. We have selected the site below to buy Quality Spirulina .

Obviously Spirulina is not a magic product, miracle. You need to have a diet and a balanced life so that it can express itself fully.

Once again everything is in nature. This one wants us well, let us be grateful and respect it as it should be.

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