Proper use of contact lenses to prevent eye infections.

Proper use of contact lenses to prevent eye infections.

Today, like 4 million Frenchmen, I wear contact lenses and I can not thank enough Adolph Eugene Fick who invented them in 1887 (#historyhistorique always useful in society). Indispensable during certain activities, especially sports, contact lenses are more practical and more aesthetic than glasses but require precautions of use and strict hygiene .

This summer and even more so if you swim, be uncompromising about the rules of hygiene of wearing contact lenses . I thank Dr. Gogneaux, ophthalmologist for this extremely complete article that tells you FINALLY how to take good care of your lenses and therefore your eyes!

What are the different types of contact lenses?

 Soft lenses

Soft lenses are highly oxygen-permeable hydrogel silicone lenses (this is called Dk / e).
There are different categories:
– Daily disposable lenses , to renew every day. They must be discarded every day as soon as the lens is removed and never reused.
– Lenses with frequent renewal , to renew according to brands, 2 weeks, 1 month or 3  months after the opening of blisters.
– Traditional lenses, with annual renewal.

 Rigid Permeable Gas Lenses (LRPG)

Their frequency of renewal varies from one to two years, sometimes less in certain particular contexts.
To know that soft lenses are more of a source of complications than rigid lenses!

Is there a maximum duration of tolerance to lenses?

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