Ontario Cannabis Store

Ontario Cannabis Store

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) has unveiled the brand identity for the agency as “Ontario Cannabis Store”. This agency will sell recreational cannabis in Ontario. A recent post on the LCBO’s public information website conveys that the name and the branding were designed to convey a safe, simple and approachable environment for consumers, agency employees in a clear and easily understood manner.

LCBO added that the main factor for the development of the branding and the logo were the government priorities of restricting access to the youth, protecting public health and addressing the illegal market.

The Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation was working in a unique position with the main focus of developing a significant, province-wide brand in a regulatory environment where many of the marketing strategies are not yet developed.

The overall brand rules and branding guidelines, developing the logo and brand name for Ontario Cannabis store was handled by Leo Burnett. Its main purpose is to do market research, developing a suite of brand assets and guidelines for marketing and future use of the brand properties.

The estimation for the cost of all brand and marketing was around $650000 from Leo Burnett commented by LCBO. Comparatively the LCBO offered its 2014 rebrand for which it paid $500000. It was also handled by Leo Burnett and it was aimed to simplify its logo to make it feel less professional.

It’s been aiming to work with Shopify which will provide a cloud-based retail system that will serve both online and in-store sales.

Retail and Online Ordering

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) will oversee the sale and distribution of recreational cannabis. It is done through a subsidiary corporation, taking advantage of its experience in distributing controlled substances and commitments to social responsibility.

Once legalized by the government, the cannabis will be sold only under strict rules of the retailers in order to meet federal needs when it comes to cannabis sales especially in stores. In online the cannabis will be delivered securely and safely across the province. The Cannabis will not be sold in the same stores as alcohol.

Strict regulation by the federal Government

The federal, provincial and territorial government would share responsibility for overseeing the new system. Following are the responsibility of federal government:

  • To set strict rules for the producers who grow and manufacture cannabis.
  • To set Common rules and standard across industry-wide which includes
  • The type of cannabis products that will be allowed for sale
  • Packaging and labeling requirements for products.
  • Standardized serving sizes and potency
  • Prohibiting the use of certain ingredients
  • Good production practices.
  • Tracking of cannabis from seed to sale to prevent diversion to the illicit market
  • Restrictions on promotional activities

A new Cannabis Act has been proposed to create strict legal rules for controlling the production, distribution, sales and possession of cannabis across Canada. This act aims to restrict youth access to cannabis and also to protect the young people from promotion or enticements to use cannabis.

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