Natural remedies and effective for sprain, tendonitis

Natural remedies and effective for sprain, tendonitis

Summer is the ideal season to motivate yourself to play sports, take care of your body and your head. Many of us take up a sporting activity or intensify their practice. You can also discover new disciplines, such as water sports – board, surfing, beach volleyball or natures such as walking, hiking in the mountains etc …

I wanted in this article to make a small focus on remedies, organic and / or natural solutions to treat pathologies that can happen to us (no one is immune 😉) during our sport practice and during the summer, to to know the strains, sprains and tendonitis.

Specifically I wanted to talk about 3 products that I had the misfortune of having to use in the past but that I strongly recommend you here: the aloe vera, arnica and a less known but super effective product, the cicatendon

The cicatendon, a natural cocktail, effective in background treatment

I discovered the cicatendon by my osteopath, who to warn me of one invited me to take as a background treatment this 100% natural solution and which acts for the fortification of the tense.
I have a weakness in the tendons of the right knee following patellar tendinitis contracted during an intense practice of basketball for many years (basketball is super nice, but be careful to be very very good knees and back!)
For those who have tendinitis or tendillitis tendons I invite you to discover the benefits of the cicatendon , you find in the form of capsules to take the morning and evening, during 3 months.

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