How to savor every bite while losing weight?

How to savor every bite while losing weight

Losing weight with Herbalife is easy and it’s good because you have the opportunity to really enjoy every bite of what you eat while controlling your weight.

In a weight control program Herbalife ‘s Formula 1 , it is the key to success! It can hardly be easier to set up a weight control program: all you have to do is replace two meals a day with a meal served in a glass!

And to help you prepare your bespoke Shake Herbalife to suit your taste, here are some tips to help you craft your recipes safely!

A portion of Formula 1 (26g) corresponds to 92 kcal, it is marked on the box, everyone knows it. A Shake Herbalife prepared with 250 ml skimmed 1/2 milk represents about 220 kcal, it’s also a figure that we know, but do you know the caloric intake of the different ingredients that you can add to your shake or smoothie for really savor each of your appetizers ???

Discover in 6 points of reference the caloric values ​​of the different ingredients.

First of all the basics of mixing (calories indicated for 250 ml):
– skimmed milk 80
– soy
milk105- semi-skimmed milk 125
– orange
juice130- apple
juice145- grape juice 195
and if you prefer solid bases:
– organic yoghurt (150 g) 80

You can choose to add ingredients that increase the fiber intake:
– blackcurrant half cup 32
– kiwi average size 46
– strawberry cup full 46
– orange medium size 65
– apple medium size 81
– pear medium size 98
– banana size average 105

And why not take the opportunity to add ingredients that have a soothing property on digestion ??? 
– candied ginger small spoon 45
– blueberries half cup 55
– pineapple full cup 77
– organic yogurt cup full 110

or take advantage of the purifying properties of certain fruits? 
– lemon medium size 17
– cranberries half cup 23
– currant half cup 32
– kiwi average size 46
– grape full cup 58
– grapefruit medium size 74
– apple medium size 80

Unless the antioxidants seem to be worth adding? 
– apricot medium size 17
– blackcurrant half cup 32
– guava medium size 45
– kiwi average size 46
– blueberries half cup 55
– orange medium size 65
– papaya medium size 117
– cherries full cup 130
– mango medium size 135

Finally, if you want to strengthen the tone / vitality of your Herbalife meal, here are some ingredients with high energy potential:

– raisins teaspoon 35
– honey teaspoon 50
– raisin full cup 58
– banana medium size 105
– mango medium size 135
– papaya medium size 117

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