How to remove dizziness due to anxiety

How to remove dizziness due to anxiety

When a person has dizziness may be due to numerous causes, such as problems in the cervical or ear. However, dizziness is also associated with other situations, such as anxiety, which can be caused by various factors, such as continued stress situations, a very intense activity for a long time or any other circumstance that alters us emotionally or puts us nervous

In these cases, a different treatment is required when there is a possible physical cause in the neck or ear.

Why anxiety causes dizziness

Anxiety and dizziness, initially, seems to be two words that have no relationship, although the truth is that it is not. In fact, when a person feels anxiety, it is common to get sick. A feeling that, above all, occurs when this anxiety or state of nervousness is especially intense or is sustained over time.

The reason that explains this relationship is that dizziness and anxiety have neuronal circuits in common, which converge at a common point in the brain. This confluence zone is called the parabrachial nucleus. This brain part is the one that receives all the information related to anxiety and that can suffer some alteration in its functioning, by it or by stress. Thus, this connection is what makes the person feel dizzy and loss of balance when they have anxiety.

Treatments to remove dizziness due to anxiety

Anxiety dizziness needs specific treatment because the cause that causes it is different from having a cervical lesion, a contracture or a problem in the inner ear. In general, the treatment for anxiety dizziness focuses on controlling anxiety and preventing the person from having an anxiety crisis, being very anxious or having too high stress levels.

To achieve this, it is very important to detect what, in reality, is what causes anxiety to be able to tackle the situation and put a solution to it since, if the reason for its origin does not disappear, it will not be possible to remove the dizziness.

In these cases, the most common is that doctors use the so-called detection and coping technique of the dreaded consequence, also known as DACT. This technique focuses on detecting the causes of this discomfort that the person has, apart from trying their possible solutions, both from the physical and emotional point of view. A process that is carried out without falling into the obsession to find that solution and being aware that one should not avoid annoying sensations, but one must learn to face them and overcome them.

Relaxation techniques to remove dizziness due to anxiety

The dizziness anxiety can also be treated with focused relaxation, especially through breathing methods. Relaxation techniques or exercises are very helpful not only when you have an attack or suffer from intense anxiety, but it is also a useful system for prevention.

Within the activities or breathing exercises, for example, you can use mindfulness or mindfulness, which is now very much in vogue for the benefits it brings to the body, as well as taichi or yoga.

Also the breathing control techniques are outlined as useful to remove dizziness due to anxiety. In addition, their advantage is that they can be done at any time and place, in case the person has to resort to them, for example, at work.

The muscle relaxation techniques of Jacobson are another good tool to maintain controlled anxiety and not only mentally, but also physically. This method allows the muscles to work to relieve body tension that, in the case of anxiety or stress, is concentrated in the neck area and in the upper part of the shoulders and upper back, causing dizziness.

They are techniques and tips that can be followed to know how to remove dizziness anxiety, although from tape daily always recommend that you go to the doctor so you can do the relevant tests and rule out that the dizziness respond to a physical cause or other pathology.

In addition, the doctor will also help the patient to control anxiety through the most appropriate exercises or techniques, depending on their problem and will assess the need to prescribe some of the medications for anxiety dizziness, even if it is only in a timely manner. Relieve symptoms and discomfort.

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