How to manage party meals when you want to lose weight?

How to manage party meals when you want to lose weight

The holiday season can be difficult to tackle when you want to lose weight. Big meals that are repeated, sweets, … the temptations are numerous. Fortunately simple tips can allow you to enjoy these meals serenely, without depriving you and without endangering your efforts!

December 12, 2017

When you want to lose weight , the holiday season is at risk. To avoid hurting all your efforts, some tips are enough to adopt the right reflexes and help your body manage a big meal .

Keep a balanced diet during the holidays

One of the keys to maintaining your weight loss goals during the holidays, is to keep a balanced diet.

Although this solution is sometimes very tempting, there is no question of depriving oneself or skipping meals!

Indeed, we know that the deprivation phenomenon is counterproductive when you want to lose weight, since the body will immediately store the bad fat at the next meal.

In addition, deprivation leads to frustration, appetite is no longer regulated and your body will instinctively compensate for the next meal with fatty and sugary foods.

Set up a balanced meal plan , spread throughout the day by incorporating snacks to avoid snacking.

Favor fruits, seasonal vegetables rich in vitamins , fish and meat called “white” low fat.

Do not hesitate to include in your diet “detox” foods such as red cabbage, spinach, pineapple or cranberry. They will allow your body to better eliminate toxins contained in rich foods holiday meals (fats, sugars …).

Hydrate and limit alcohol consumption

One of your worst enemies during a big party meal: alcohol. It is very rich in sugars , especially champagne, which is often a key guest of the holiday season!

Combined with the rich foods consumed at the end of the year, alcohol accelerates the storage of fats .

Avoid this trap and stay focused on your weight loss goals by limiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages. For example, you can choose to have a drink as an aperitif, or just take half-glasses during the meal.

To compensate for the dehydration caused by alcohol and limit its harmful effects on your weight, only one solution: drink water!

Drink plenty of water throughout the meal to help your body naturally eliminate sugar and toxins.

Tips for managing party meals when you want to lose weight

  • take a snack with an apple 15-20 minutes before the start of the festivities: it will regulate your satiety and therefore eat more reasonably.
  • choose foods during the meal: focus more on fish and shellfish, limit sauces (including salad dressing!) and choose sherbet desserts instead of pastry.
  • stay active during the holidays: do not relax your efforts, regular physical activity helps regulate the body.
  • getting enough sleep : Regular sleep during the weeks leading up to the holidays will help your body better manage the feelings of hunger but also limit the installation of bad fats. The ideal before a big meal? Give yourself a nap!

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