Healing properties of Chaga mushroom powder

Chaga mushroom powder

Chaga, also known as Inonotus obliquus is recognized as a type of fungus. It is mainly found on the open-air of birch trees in extremely cold climates. It is being consumed in the East for centuries, most commonly in the form of tea. Chaga mushrooms grow in huge quantities in Alaska, Siberia, Northern Canada and some northern parts of the United States. More recently, this herbal compound is getting hugely renowned in the West. Here, its countless health benefits are being acknowledged by numerous health gurus. Chaga mushrooms have a habit of being lumpy and an outside similar to a burnt charcoal.

The Chaga mushroom powder is utilized in the tea and the encapsulation form is viewed as rare. Besides, according to the reports, it is used in the form of the base of liqueurs plus as an alternative for hops for the users’ beer. In a nation like Russia, it is found in the form of aerosol, tablet, syrup and also in the form of a suppository. When you have been using this compound for making tea, you have the liberty to re-brew again without causing a loss to the potency or flavor. These mushrooms are low-calorie food and contain rich fiber and it is also free of carbohydrates, fat, and sugar.

Some notable benefits

There are some remarkable benefits of this compound and they are:

  • Averts and treats cancer – This herbal product can hinder the progression of cancer. According to a study done on mice, this extract reduced 60% of the size of the tumor in them. Based on a research it has been proved that this extract prevented the growth of cancer cells which turned this compound effective for treating liver cancer.
  • Stimulates the immune system – Based on animal studies, this compound aids the immune system and it does it by augmenting the manufacturing of some immune cells that include T lymphocytes and interleukin 6 (IL-6).
  • Performs as a powerful anti-viral – This compound has got anti-viral capabilities related to few viruses. According to studies done on animals, this product contains anti-viral impacts while curing hepatitis C virus.
  • Reduces inflammation – This product also lessens inflammation. An animal study proved that Chaga extract reduced inflammation because of ulcerative colitis. It has got anti-inflammatory effects because it could suppress the chemical mediators that cause inflammation.
  • Augments physical endurance – Based on studies done on animals it proved that this compound had remarkably augmented physical strength. According to a study published in the year 2015 when mice were administered this medication, they could swim longer.

Positive user reviews

Users who have used this herb are full of praise for it. Users experienced an increased boost and well-being using this compound. The Chaga mushroom powder is hugely helpful in lessening pains, aches and users felt an energy boost taking this compound. According to some, their immune systems improved and now they don’t become addicted to cold and flu, like they did when they hadn’t been taking this medication. The extract can also make one look younger and feel refreshed. People purchase this compound from www.absorbyourhealth.com. This site sells genuine products and they ship your product absolutely free when it exceeds $75.

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