People with narcissistic personality disorder can go on with their lives as usual because it is often assumed that it is their personality to have an inflated ego and self-importance.  Many people refer to people with this disorder as arrogant. It is assumed that the things a person with this disorder does are intentional. Narcissism can go undetected for years. There are parents who have affected their children’s personality because the upbringing was centered on the needs of the parent and not the child. People who have endured the kind of torture end up developing narcissistic victim syndrome.

Signs shown by victims of narcissistic abuse

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Victims of narcissistic abuse will often show signs of mixed emotions. They will always show feelings of fear, anger, guilt and shock.  They feel guilty for allowing themselves to deteriorate to the levels they have. They are angry because of the power they gave their abusers and shock at the change they have allowed to take places. Often, the victims do not even understand how they could have allowed this to happen. The strongest emotion displayed by the victims is fear. This is especially so for a person who was raised by a parent who was a narcissist. They have gone through years of abuse and the fear becomes ingrained in them.

Signs of dissociation

As a defense mechanism, victims of narcissistic abuse will always find a way of escaping their reality. They may even develop different personalities in an attempt to compartmentalize their feelings. This is especially common of victims who have undergone years of abuse by a narcissistic parent.

Showing feelings of shame and humiliation

Narcissists always make their victims feel like they are responsible for everything that has happened. They will always feel responsible for everything and will always excuse the behavior of their abusers. They do not do it because they are covering up for them but because they truly believe they are responsible for every bad thing that happens in their relationships and life.

Physical illness with no physical cause

It is possible for victims of narcissistic abuse to show signs of physical illness such as cramps and migraines but all tests show that there is no reason why they should be experiencing this kind of pain. This is possibly because of the emotional pain that is eventually manifested as physical pain. A child who has been abused by a narcissistic parent through childhood to adulthood will show signs of physical illness at some point because the pain she holds inside will need to manifest itself somehow.

It is important to recognize narcissistic victim syndrome early enough so that the victim can start undergoing therapy to reverse the damage done by the instigator.

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