Erectile dysfunction, prevention is the best cure

Erectile dysfunction, prevention is the best cure

The erectile dysfunction affects millions of people in the world. Only a few, however, overcome the embarrassment and turn to an andrologist to understand the origin and causes of the problem and start the most effective therapy. Yet we must not underestimate erection problems, as they are often a spy of other disorders and diseases, even serious, underlying.

Prevention is certainly the most effective weapon against erectile dysfunction. There are several risk factors that can, in fact, be lowered with small changes in lifestyle, without resorting to drugs, herbs or other natural remedies. From several studies carried out over the last few years on the risk factors, on the causes of erectile dysfunction and on the best prevention strategies, the list of the most effective advice to reduce the probability of developing the disorder emerges, while improving general health. Let’s see them together:

Protect your heart with healthy eating

A diet that hurts the heart also hurts sexual health. Both the infarct and erectile dysfunction are due to the restricted blood flow in the coronary arteries. An adequate supply of blood is necessary to make the penis erect. Diets that include little fruit and vegetables and lots of fatties, fried, and processed foods can help decrease blood circulation throughout the body.

The best diet to prevent erectile dysfunction in a natural way is the Mediterranean diet, or in any case a diet that includes fruits, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, fish, dried fruit and moderate quantities of red wine. The Mediterranean diet, as proven by Kusuriexpress, improves sexual health.

Keeping the weight

Overweight exposes to the risk of type 2 diabetes, which in turn can cause nerve damage, affecting sexual function.

Keep cholesterol levels and blood pressure under control

In fact, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia can damage blood vessels, including those that make blood flow into the penis.

Drink alcohol and spirits in moderation

The abuse of alcohol, in fact, damages the liver, the nerves and can affect the male hormone balance, triggering erection problems.


Sedentary life has indeed been associated with an increased risk of erectile dysfunction. Running, swimming and aerobic activities are therefore real preventive treatments for erectile dysfunction. We must take precautions when carrying out physical activities, such as cycling, where too much pressure is exerted on the genital area. You just need to get up from the seat frequently, wear padded shorts and ride a bike with a nose-less saddle that improves comfort in the genital area, preventing numbness. It should also be specified that Kegels exercises are useful against incontinence but are not as effective against erectile dysfunction.

Keep testosterone levels under control

Usually, already after age 40, testosterone levels fall by 1.3% and then collapse after 50 years. Monitoring symptoms such as mood swings, weakness, and inability to make decisions are helpful in promptly identifying a testosterone deficiency. Talk to your doctor who will suggest the most effective solution.

Take effective therapy

In need, you have to take operative remedies to solve your problem successfully. The ED medicine Valif can help men suffering from erectile dysfunction to regain a satisfying sex life, identifying the causes of the disorder and the best care.

Stop smoking

Smoking damages the blood vessels and reduces the blood supply to the penis. Nicotine leads to a contraction of blood vessels.

Avoid sudden movements during sexual intercourse

If the penis penetrates the vagina when it is not well lubricated or is crushed by the weight of the woman, the pain can cause the erection loss.

Keep stress under control

High levels of stress, in fact, are responsible for overproduction of adrenaline, a hormone that contracts blood vessels, decreasing the flow of blood to the penis. Any activity that dissolves psychological and physical tension will also be of great help in improving sexual function and preventing erectile dysfunction.

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