Dr. Sandeep Nayak: The Best Cancer Healer!

Cancer has always been associated with one of the deadliest diseases found in an individual. There are more than 200 types of cancer. Cancer is nothing but the growth of abnormal cells in the human body.

Dr. Sandeep Nayak (Best Oncologist in India)

In today’s world, cancer has been detected among many people. For preventing cancer, you might need the best oncologist to be consulted from. One of the best oncologist in India to whom you can consult is Dr. Sandeep Nayak

Dr. Nayak is considered to be the one of the few best surgical oncologists in India who is also a good teacher who provides his cancer knowledge to other people also.

He is a cancer specialist who has a view of replacing conventional open cancer surgery with advanced laparoscopy and robotic cancer surgery in the near future.

Nowadays cancer can be cured faster due to the advancement of infrastructure and technology in the field of medical science. The pioneer of the latest technology in cancer surgery (Laparoscopy and Robotic surgery) in India is none other than Dr. Sandeep Nayak. His approach towards treating cancer at the earliest makes him as one of the best cancer specialist not only in Bangalore but also the best oncologist in India

Laparoscopy and Robotic Cancer Surgery carried out by Dr. Sandeep Nayak

Laparoscopy and Robotic Cancer Surgery carried out by Dr. Sandeep Nayak

The technique which has proven to make way for advancement in medical science is called as laparoscopy and robotic cancer treatment.

 As a matter of fact let us explain to you what exactly laparoscopy and robotic cancer surgery is.

Laparoscopy surgery is the surgery wherein an instrument called as laparoscope is inserted into the body.

Robotics is the most advanced form of cancer treatment in which the surgery is carried out with help of a robot. The robot used during the surgery is in control of the surgeon.

Although this form of advanced treatment is an expensive one, the after benefits of the surgery are very positive. That is why Dr. Nayak highly recommends his patients to undergo laparoscopy and robotic treatment rather than the painful conventional open cancer surgery.

The main advantages of laparoscopic and robotic surgery compared to that of conventional open cancer surgery are:

  • Less Blood Loss
  • Minor cuts are made
  • Faster Recovery after treatment
  • Laparoscopy and Robotics surgery is done with help of advancement equipments
  • Hospital stays are reduced
  • The risk of developing wound in future is reduced
  • It helps the surgeon to reach places where a human cannot reach inside the body.

For carrying out this type of advanced surgery you need a surgeon who is an expert in the field of laparoscopy and robotics and there is no other expert oncologist in India in the field of laparoscopy and robotics cancer surgery none other than Dr. Nayak

After reading the information about the pioneer in laparoscopy and robotic, you might want to know where Dr. Nayak provides his services. 

Below are the lists of hospitals where Dr. Nayak can be consulted:

  1. 1. Macs Clinic


Monday, Wednesday, Friday –   4 pm to 7 pm

Thursday – 5 pm to 7 pm

Saturday – 2 pm to 5 pm

 Consultation fees-Rs 500-Rs 700

Address- Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560011.

  1. 2. Fortis Hospital

Monday to Friday    12 pm to 2 pm

 Consultation fees-Rs 550

Address – Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560076.

  1. 3. AV Hospital

Address- Patalamma Temple Street, Basavanagudi, Bangalore – 560004

  1. Vikram Hospital

Address- Millers Road, Opp. St. Anne’s College, Bangalore, Karnataka 560052 

Below are the lists of hospitals where Dr. Sandeep Nayak carries out surgical operations.

  1. Bangalore Hospital

Address- Basavanagudi, Bangalore, Karnataka 560004.

  1. 2. Ramakrishna Hospital

Address- Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560011.

Why you should choose Dr. Sandeep Nayak for cancer treatment?

Cancer is always considered to be the synonym of pain and discomfort.

Dr. Sandeep Nayak always wanted to reduce this pain and discomfort in a cancer patient. He is not only a good doctor but also a good person. He has a good rapport with his patients. Having a patient centric approach makes him one of the best surgical oncologists in India.

Medical experience of Dr. Sandeep Nayak

Dr. Nayak having an experience of 19 years in surgical oncology has set an example in providing scar- less cancer surgery by using latest cancer surgery technology.

Dr. Nayak is one of the few cancer specialist who has travelled abroad for studying laparoscopy and robotics field of treatment. He has studied basic and advanced form of modern cancer treatment.

Dr. Nayak is highly skilled in cancer surgery and also has been associated with any NGOs where he provides his knowledge and service.

Dr. Nayak is one of the few surgical oncologists who have mastered the advanced cancer surgery which helps in detecting cancer in the earliest stage and advices his patient to take precaution so that the patient should not suffer later.

 He is a strong believer of the famous phrase that “Precaution is better than cure”.

Although cancer patients are going through a lot of pain in their life, Dr. Nayak assures that after consultation the patient leaves out with hope and a big smile on their face.

Personal achievements and publishes of Dr. Nayak

He has many fellowships in laparoscopy and robotics and has carried out many surgeries successfully over the years in many hospitals and medical centres not only in India but in the entire world. Dr. Nayak has many medical degrees. He has conducted many workshops and has received awards in the field of surgical oncology.

He is very passionate about writing articles related to cancer. Dr. Nayak has published many articles and has spread his knowledge all over the world.

Dr. Nayak specializes in minimal access cancer surgery (MACS) also known as laparoscopic and robotic cancer surgery.

Dr. Nayak has very good team of doctors who are also specialized in laparoscopy and robotics cancer surgery.

Dr. Sandeep Nayak’s Area of expertise

 Through this advanced form of cancer surgery, Dr. Nayak has carried cancer surgeries for different types of cancer like oesophagus, liver, head and neck cancer, stomach. He is has a special interest in treating colorectal and rectum cancer.

Apart from being a great surgical oncologist, in his free time Dr. Nayak also is a great painter and has sketched a lot of paintings.

Dr. Nayak is a very light hearted person who is dedicated towards his work so that his patient undergoes minimum pain surgery and can recover fast.

Dr. Nayak’s contribution towards the society in successfully carrying out cancer surgeries with advanced form of treatment makes him one of the best oncologists (cancer specialist) not only in Bangalore, but also in the rest of the country.


If you are looking for an advanced laparoscopy and robotic cancer treatment, then Dr. Sandeep Nayak is the best oncologist in India to consult.

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