Child Health Emphasized By Psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Lauter

Child Health Emphasized By Psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Lauter

Children are a gift of God and something that everyone preserves with a lot of care and love, everything related to them becomes a mission to accomplish in the lives of the parents. Whenever, a child falls sick, more than him it is the parents who suffer, it is at these times that they are compelled to visit veteran doctors, if the illness is physical, there is still respite, but in case it is a mental illness, it becomes a mammoth task for the parents to get hold of ace doctors like Dr. Jonathan Lauter.

Dr.Lauter is an experienced and expert in handling cases of child and adolescent health and psychology. He currently owns a private clinic in Manhattan and is a part of the Refuah Health Center in New York. Dr. Jonathan Lauter has written blogs on numerous serious issues about child health and the way to take care of those things. These blogs should definitely be of great help for parents who endeavor to give their child the best of everything.

Children are like glass, they are extremely vulnerable and fragile, it is thus that a lot of care needs to taken.  It is not just about the health of a child that should be a matter of concern, their diet and nutrition, they education, the development of their social skills, the nurturing of their talents, everything should fall under the radar of a parent. In short, a parent ought to be concerned about the overall well being of the child.

One of the most glaring problems of today is the intense addiction of children to gadgets, especially the smart phones. The phone have become the new mode of recreation for all and this has taken them away from the more important things like physical activities, outdoor games, socialization, etc. parents need to put extra focus on this aspect of their child’s life. Playing in the fields, in the yester years might have hurt children physically, but they surely emerged as better human beings than today’s generation, who save themselves from physical injuries but have in turn become almost robots.

The addiction to this virtual world is so intense that they become absolutely oblivious to everything happening around them. One kind of solution that parents can find to a problem like this is to get your child enrolled into some kind of education systems, where games and studies are arranged in the best way possible for children.

One other very important thing pertaining to the well being of a child is monitoring his/her eating habits. It is true that what goes inside the body of your child plays a major role in shaping his mental status. Over indulgence in street food or fast food, is perhaps the greatest evil for your child as that becomes the root cause of obesity and eventually lethargy in the child. Hence, just like you would carefully select and prepare food for your child when he/she was an infant, it is wise that you do the same even as they grow up, till the time they are able to discern what is good for them and what not.

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