When you experience pain on your hips, you mobility is deeply affected. You may fail to stand and sitting may be uncomfortable as well. When you think of lying down, you remember the pain and stiffening when you want to sit up. You are left wondering what to do as no posture brings any relief. The hip is a very important part of our bodies. Its joint is a ball and socket which allows the leg to move in any direction due to its ability to rotate. Hip pain causes, symptoms and complications are explained.

Causes and symptoms of hip pain

Hip pain can be experience on the front of the groin, buttocks or thigh. The location of the pain will determine the underlying cause. Causes may be:

  • A sprain from extreme exercising
  • Dislocation or hip fracture
  • Inflammation of the joint
  • Having served you for years, the hip joint is bound to degenerate, of course depending on the care you have given it in your lifetime. Eating the right foods and doing the right exercise is bound to keep the hip joint healthy enough to serve you in your old age. If no care was given then the hip joint will fail you at some point resulting in pain.

There are however some causes that should not alarm you. However some causes need urgent attention to avoid complications. These worrying causes and complications that may arise are;

  • Hip pain caused by Arthritis should be of concern. This is because Arthritis can result in chronic pain which may affect you for a very long time. Arthritis eats at your joints and if treatment is not sought, you may live in discomfort for a long time and your mobility will be limited.
  • Obesity can be a cause of concern. This is because when you are overweight you exert too much pressure on your joints. This may affect your hips causing you to have pain. It is important to watch your weight and be within the right weight parameters for your height.
  • Cancer of the bone is one worrying cause of hip bone. If the cancer is not got in time and it spreads to the hips, pain is inevitable.

If treatment of the hip pain is not given in time, you may have complications. These include;

  • Bed sores which result due to restricted mobility. If you are restricted to your bed all the time, you are bound to have bed sores.
  • Blood clots are also a great possibility which may affect the legs and lungs. This can be fatal.
  • You may also have an increased loss of muscle mass. This increases exposure and possibly further injury of the hip joint.

The complications likely to arise are reason enough for you to seek treatment at centers, so you can live a long healthy mobile life.

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