Calm down your anxiety within few minutes – Tricks to apply on someone


Research reveals that almost all of us can experience panic or anxiety attack once during our lifetime. There are people who behave in a manner which is more anxious than normal and they are the ones who suffer from the maximum numbers of panic attacks. On the other hand, there are few anxious people, around 5% of the population which develop PAD or panic attack disorder and this is the situation when panic attacks become a huge problem and they begin to involve with the usual lifestyle of the people.

Apart from going through the popular anxiety quotes that you may find in, you can also know about the few relaxation techniques that will calm down your anxiety and help you become more rational. Check out the few tools to stop your worries.

#1: Try to know the anatomy of the attack

Whenever you understand what anxiety attacks are, how they affect your body, how your body responds to such attacks, what psychological, physiological and emotional changes it has on human body and the many stages to stress response, you can perfectly handle the situation. As soon as you become desperate about not feeling scared of anxiety attacks, this is the best way to stop them.

#2: Don’t scare yourself about having anxiety attack

Anxiety attacks are caused basically due to the fact that you’re being afraid. Hence, if you’re afraid of such anxiety attacks, this can be one of the best reasons behind anxiety attacks which sustain for a longer time. This is the reason behind people developing panic attack disorder. Whenever you abolish the fear in yourself, you let go of the most common reason behind anxiety attacks.

#3: Calm down

If you can calm yourself down, this will shut down the mechanism which is the actual cause of the anxiety attacks. The more you can calm down yourself, the sooner the anxiety attack will come to an end and you will soon start feeling better. A stress disorder or an attack of high degree will last for maximum 20-30 minutes. So, make sure you prevent and control your anxiety attacks.

#4: Relax yourself

When you relax, your body shuts down the stress response due to the fact that the human body won’t be able to go to both directions at once. Relaxing your body will also release off muscle tension which is caused due to the stress or panic attack. Know more on the muscle tension symptom before trying to relax yourself.

So, now that you know the different ways in which you can release the stress from your body and mind and cure your anxiety attack, practice them on time to save yourself.

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