Alton Ingram MD – Can Liposuction Remove Subcutaneous Fat Deposits Permanently?

Alton Ingram MD - Can Liposuction Remove Subcutaneous Fat Deposits Permanently?

In the field of cosmetic surgery, liposuction continues to be the one of the most sought-after treatments among men and women for obvious reasons. The results of this operation are immediately noticeable to people who see the patient as soon as he/she leaves the medical center, where surgeons carry out the procedure. This treatment successfully removes the undesirable and stubborn subcutaneous fat deposits certain regions of his/her body to produce the near-perfect silhouette most individuals desire. Even people who workout in a gym regularly and maintain a healthy diet opt for this surgery when they have to remove such cellulate from specific areas of their bodies.

Alton Ingram MD – Can you remove subcutaneous fat deposits permanently with liposuction?

Alton Ingram MD is a well-known plastic and cosmetic surgeon from Nashville, Tennessee, who has a reputation of providing exemplary services that exceed his patients’ expectations. He specializes in the area of reconstructive surgery and valuable years of experience in this field. Currently, he is a leading member of the American Medical Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and Tennessee Medical Association.  He also has close association with a number of philanthropic organizations providing medical services to the needy such as ‘Doctors Without Borders’, ‘Habitat for Humanity’ and ‘Operation Smile’.

Is it possible to remove subcutaneous fat deposits permanently with liposuction?

This prominent cosmetic surgeon says people who want to opt liposuction surgeries often have concerns on whether or not the results of such operations are permanently. He explains that rapid technological advances in this field of cosmetic surgery have led to introduction of many new and innovative techniques. While these procedures are superior in many respects to earlier versions, their goal remains the same. A proficient surgeon with the necessary skill, knowledge and expertise uses such methods to remove stubborn subcutaneous fat deposits from specific areas of the patient’s body. He goes on to say an effective liposuction can remove such fat deposits from a patient’s body permanently.

Factors patients need to consider during the post-surgery phase

He also points out the patients need to keep in mind the following factors during the post-surgery phrase:

  1. Patients need to keep in mind that it is important for them to follow all the instructions their surgeon provides during the post-surgery stage;
  2. They need to reduce their overall calorie intake by opting to eat a healthy diet. They also need to make it a point to eat small amounts of food throughout the day and never make the mistake of skipping meal;
  3. They should also drink plenty of water to keep their bodies hydrated; and
  4. Above all, they always remember to exercise regularly.

Alton Ingram MD says liposuction can work wonders for people who want to remove stubborn subcutaneous fat deposits in specific regions of their body. Such cellulite deposits usually do not go away in spite of rigorous exercise and a healthy diet. However, it is important for them to follow the instructions of their cosmetic surgeon even after the operation. It is only then can they get the result they desire from such a treatment.

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