5 basic tips for successful weight loss

5 basic tips for successful weight loss
5 basic tips for successful weight loss

This time it is decided, it is the war with the superfluous kilos ! No way not to win! So put all the assets on your side by following the 5 tips here!

1) Start by correctly assessing your situation to define a reasonable and appropriate goal. Identify your motivations! Why do you want to lose weight and why now?

2) Allow yourself time ! No matter how many pounds you want to eliminate, they have not appeared in the night! Several solutions exist to lose weight. What is most important is that the chosen solution fits into your lifestyle without major difficulties. If, from the beginning, you know that you will have trouble following the program for the time needed to reach your goal, it is because it is not the right solution for you, or it is because is not the right moment! And remember: most importantly, it’s not the speed at which your extra pounds will disappear! What matters is getting the desired result and keeping it on time!

3) Avoid draconian diets , restrictive, hyper-protein or mono-diet. They generally end in fact yo-yo and feelings of guilt improperly: it is not you who are responsible for this type of failure, but the very conception of this type of diet.

4) Integrate now that you will certainly need to change your lifestyle . Change of diet is not enough! You will have to adopt an active lifestyle and exercise if you are not currently doing so. And if the problem lies elsewhere (weight gain caused by stress or emotional shock for example), consider it in your assessment and choose a solution that allows you to integrate this parameter.

5) Get help ! And I’m not talking about spreading your progress or your disappointed hopes on the forums. Get help from a professional! You will save time … and money!

Unable to finish this article without explaining why I think one of the best ways to manage your weight is through an Herbalife program.

1) Before proposing anything, a Herbalife coach will ask you to evaluate your situation. Either calculate your BMI and make a well-being assessment from a website, either during a telephone interview or a face-to-face meeting. When I started working with Herbalife , the internet barely existed, but that did not stop us from working remotely and getting very good results. Therefore, if you feel more comfortable on the phone than in front of your mouse, do not hesitate to call!

Knowing yourself better to advise you is the key to a successful program . Not because our programs are infinitely customizable, but because it is from this start-up interview that you will benefit from the best follow-up. Be sincere, with yourself and with your coach.

2) Do not be in a hurry to reach your goal. On average we can hope to lose 3 to 4 kilos a month, but, unless we confuse weight loss and muscle wasting, it does not depend solely on the chosen solution. Your personal history, your age and your lifestyle are all factors to consider and if, despite statistics, you lose only 500 g per week, no problem. It’s not the speed that counts, but the goal! 

3) If you want to escape the yo-yo phenomenon, avoid at all costs food imbalances. If you put your body in a state of artificial starvation to force it to draw on its reserves, remember that it is a normal operation for him and that he will start storing fat again as soon as you stop your diet. It is therefore necessary to deceive his vigilance and provide him with an adapted diet that respects the food balance. Better than a restrictive diet meal, an Herbalife meal is about 220 to 240 kcal (depending on the recipe you choose), while providing you with all the nutritional elements you need . Which would not be the case with a “normal” meal of 220 kcal.

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